Pure Saffron - selected stigmas - 3gr

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  • The best pure Saffron package, contain only organic stigmas dried on traditional method. Great looking jar design.
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The best pure worldwide saffron. Just selected stigmas. Cultivated organic in the Sarfanbolu area.

Safranbolu (like the name says) is the traditional area of saffron cultivation. In the farms around the city, saffron is grown organic. The dry process is made on traditional methods spreading the stigmas on mashes and then baked over hot coals or wood. The resulting saffron is distinguished by his bitter taste, hay-like fragrance, and slight metallic notes.

To obtain 1 gr of pure red saffron you need minimum 150 flowers. The red stigmas are the best, with multiple usage in quality culinary delights, medicinal use, colouring and perfumery.

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spices and frauds are all over. Our saffron is guaranteed pure and red – is produced in our garden!

The saffron comes on a small transparent glass jar with an unique design. Total weight saffron(3gr)+jar is about 80 grams.


  • If you need other quantity please contact us.
  • Maximum quantity we offer is 700 grams/year.
  • We have available saffron bulbs for your garden (on sale under saffron category).
  • If you need quick delivery (DHL, TNT, UPS, etc.) tell us and we will send you the transport price difference for your approval.

Standard shipping price PTT1 package $4.30. We have in stock saffron jars in Turkey, Romania and UK warehouses for quick delivery.

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