Narcissus Sovereign Flower Bulbs 4 pcs.

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  • Rare Narcissus Sovereign Bulbs 4 pcs. Package. Organic garden, big size corms, autumn planting.
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Rare Narcissus Sovereign Bulbs 4 pcs. Package

Easy cultivation with great results.

Use well-drained soil in the sun place but witch does not completely dry out.

Planting time: Autumn from September to December. Plant about 12-15 cm deep.

This narcissus sovereign can be naturalized in grass.

Sovereign is an split-cup narcissus. White deck petals with a beautiful orange large flat shaped crown.

Narcissus make excellent cut flowers.Cut the flowers just before blooming early in the morning.

This package comes with 4 big bulbs, size 10/12.

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Narcissus Sovereign Flower Bulbs 4 pcs., 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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